The Mark Slave Tattoo 

Prices and Booking

  • We prefer to tattooing from our books designs.
  • We can tattoo other design but will not copy them but personalized so mean more time to spend to draw  and without any last minute idea change.
  • We prefere customers who are convinced and know what they want like a tattoo have to show or mean.
  • We do not like to give the prices of our tattoo and piercing services because there are too many variants to be discussed though a phone or a computer so we prefer for it to be talk personaly and catch every detail.
  • For professional ethics we avoid tattooing neck,head or hands, until you have at least 70℅ of your body covered in tattoos.
  • We invite you to come to our studio where you will be kindly greeted and you will be given all the information needed.
  • To make an appointment you will need to leave a deposit of minimum €50 euro
  • If you can not make it personaly because you live far away and want to reserve, read below;
  • If you can not come in to the studio we accept a Bank Transfer of €50 euro to MARK SLAVE TATTOO STUDIO using this...
  • IBAN : ES91 0081 0545 5100 0163 6668 / BSAB ESBB
  • Then we will arange a date and time for your new tattoo or piercing.
  • Tattooing and piercing are not essential, they are permanent and could affect your health 
  • Every day people come to us with a tattoo badly done, and sometimes irrecoverable, just because of the little money paid,even in illegal or unauthorized and risky enviroments that do not pay taxes.
  • The harm is there but not seen as a newly infected socket.
  • We believe that your skin does not have price.
  • So we want to talk about it in person, we respect you 100 percent and we do it in broad daylight in the streets.
  • Do not look for the lowest price for a service unnecessary and risky, always seeking the best quality.
  • Clearing the way for our best customers who keep coming back because they believe in us and trust our advice .... hope that you become one of them.

see you soon, thanks